I’m a couple of years down the line from having started this blog and I think it is time to update this section a little.  It was all very well having a very flip introduction but having seen a blog put together by one of my friends it made me think I should semi professionalise this one.  Even if no one is reading it outside of my Facebook friend list.

I started this just after the start of what would become the Ukrainian civil war.  A lot of my friends were wondering what it all meant and whether or not we were heading for World War III.  I stepped up and posted my thoughts on Facebook and it turned out to be rather well read and provided some reassurance.  After a push from a couple of other friends I decided to start this blog in an effort to put out my thoughts on issues relating to the international system, particularly in the areas of conflict and security.  It was a bit hit and miss for the first couple of years but I seem to have hit a vein of regularity at this point (November 2016 for reference).  If you don’t know me you’re probably wondering where my credibility comes from?

Well I guess its Bachelor and Masters degrees in International Relations (with a focus on war and security issues) and eight years in the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the last three and a half of which were spent as a military capability analyst.  I then moved to work as an analyst for Northamptonshire Police in crime analysis, business analysis and business intelligence.  I am currently working for the Financial Conduct Authority helping them to build a strategic intelligence capability centred around Consumers and Markets. I’m still keeping my hand in the game as it were reading as much as I can as widely as I can.  I am also a member of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a security think tank.

Given the upheavals we have seen politically in the West this year I can’t think of a more important time to keep communicating about things like this. So I will continue to post, probably with no regularity, on issues around global security, military conflict, defence policy etc.  I will try and do it in a way that is accessible to all and doesn’t get unnecessarily bogged down in techno babble with no explanation. I’m happy to take comments, initially, but there is no guarantee I will respond to them.  I am after all inherently lazy and easily distracted.  However two years in and I think I’m writing for a very select audience who I know personally and don’t seem to want to comment :-).

I like rugby (Cardiff Blues and Scotland [yeah I know…]) metal (or should that be METAL! ?) and all manner of pop culture nerdery including Star Wars, Transformers and Kevin Smith.

I speak several dialects of nerd and geek.